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Rebrand Our Products!

This program is designed for partners who have large numbers of customers and wish to earn additional revenue by adding a complementary service offering from Net Applications. As a rebranding partner, they are able to offer Net Applications products to their customers while preserving their brand and image. What's more, Net Applications manages trials, signs-ups, billing and support. Partners earn a reseller fee based on revenue earned from their customer base. This program is ideal for web site hosting services, ISPs, ASPs, ISVs and eMarketing portals.

What does rebranding exactly entail?

The Net Applications partner program was created to enhance sales through partnerships. To rebrand our products, simply sign up and choose an instance of one of our products and modify its look-and-feel. Every time a customer signs up for your product, you earn a commission. In fact, if the product is renewed monthly, you keep generating income. It's that easy!

Your Look and Feel

Once you sign up, you can customize the look and feel of the product to your liking. We store your custom user-interface elements in a database and display them with every page request from your clients.

Once you define your branding, you can direct traffic to your branded instance and have customers register.


We handle technical support for accounts created under your branded product instance. The E-mail messages we send to a client will have your custom name on them.

Credit Card Billing

Your customers are billed by Net Applications based on their activity. All billing transactions are recorded and viewable by you.

Easy Management of Accounts

You can login to your account and check your activity at any time.


You have the option of using our new web services API to create and manage your clients' accounts. Our comprehensive help files detail all methods and parameters.

What Can be Customized?

  • The logo
  • The colors
  • The product name
  • Header and Footer HTML
  • The E-mail name used to communicate with clients
  • The subdomain name (ie:
  • The screen background image
  • The screen background color
  • And more...

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